Nanostructured Optics

Our latest offering, the nanostructured micro-optic, funded by Scottish Enterprise under the Proof of Concept (PoC) initiative, combines the flexibility of our diffractive and refractive micro-optical design techniques with the proven stack-and-draw optical fibre technology to allow the design and fabrication of high NA microlenses with customised optical and physical parameters.

The design of the required nanostructured profile is created using our customised software suite with the fabrication of the designed elements being performed using fibre drawing facilities. The patented nanostructuring technology, based around stack-and-draw fibre techniques, is capable of producing any arbitrary continuous refractive index profile giving our end users unparalleled design freedom.

In addition to the high NA microlenses, we are able to offer customised form birefringent material. This material, developed as part of a Scottish Enterprise funded SMART award, can be produced with a predetermined level of birefringence allowing the creation of broadband zero order micro-optical waveplates. Due to the use of the nanostructuring fabrication technology, the fabricated components are suitable for use in both free-space and fibre optical systems.

Further details on this exciting new technology can be found in: